Galacticash, member of OVH – DLP

We did it ! Galacticash is member of OVH Digital Launch Pad. Thanks to the DGL Program, our start-up can improve faster with the best product of OVH.

What about OVH DLP ?

Digital Launch Pad by OVH is a platform offering the opportunity to test their solutions for free and benefit from the expertise and support of OVH.It’s because OVH has been a startup that they can understand ours expectations.Innovation is at the heart of their DNA and they are constantly questioning themselves to provide us with the best possible service. Based on Open-Source technologies, their infrastructures allow us to build our solutions freely.

Why join OVH DLP for Galacticash ?

Inside Galacticash, we use the Cloud Gaming technology to give the best game experience for our players. Thanks to OVH, we can use the more powerful servers on the international market to provide the best among to our players.

Thank you OVH for this fine initiative ! It allows us to evolve. YOU ROCKS !