Launch of « VERSUS » mode

It is the beginning of an excellent adventure for Galacticash. Indeed, we are ready to offer you our first mode: Discover the VERSUS MODE.

Earn money by betting on your own victory is now possible !

Every day and without any limit, you can bet on a game against other players, alone or with your friends on différents maps and game mods. You can earn money thanks to your skills.

Bets range from €5 to €200 for cash-prizes range from €8 to €360 per player.

Choose your style of games.

Select your game mode and challenge your friends on awp_map or aim_map. Choose to play 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2.

Several maps are at your disposal. We will regularly add maps to multiply your gaming experience.

Let us guide you. Everything is automated and designed for you. You have to think of only one parameter: Be the best and be declared champion to win the bet.

Technically: How does it work?

Discover the world of cloud gaming with optimal gaming performance. Once « ready » to start the match with your opponent, the whole process is automated.
You will log on to a cloud server. Once logged in, you will log on to your steam account.
The cloud server will follow. Our system will automatically connect you to a high-performance game server.

You can now play and become the champion.